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COSMO | Wholesale Mixology Cubes

COSMO | Wholesale Mixology Cubes

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Shake up that cocktail shaker with some vodka and one of these cubes to make an instant cosmo!

One cube packs all components to make for a quick mocktail or cocktail on the go, at home, or in the air!

Follow these steps:

Saturate cube(s) with 2oz of hot water and muddle, add 2oz vodka, shake with ice, strain and serve in new glass straight up. 

garnish: lime wedge or lemon slice

*to make a mocktail substitute vodka for .5oz lime juice and .5oz orange juice, shake with ice, strain and serve in new glass straight up, top with club soda

 Case includes 12 units for 6ct mini, 6 units for 12ct stick

* Please note that we do pledge to give each product 110% of our effort and to carry high standards in quality control but even with that in mind, ALL of our sugar cubes are handmade with natural ingredients. Nature can take its course and with that in mind the sugar cubes tend to have variations whether it be color, size and shapes of the natural toppings, and form. 

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Because we needed something more. Tea is wonderful and delicious, but we missed the robustness and higher caffeine content of coffee. So we found a way to brew tea like coffee, getting the same bold flavour, just as much caffeine, and a richer cup — all without the jitters and crashes of coffee.

Teaspressa Tea Magic